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How to Streamline Number Porting by Reducing Data Mismatch

Telnyx offers an automated porting service that manages this process programmatically. For everyone else, use this checklist to avoid porting delays.

Josh Whitaker
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Number porting can be a lengthy process, and the part of the process that tends to cause the most pain is obtaining the correct information associated with the number being ported. This part of the process can cause slowdowns in number porting, because losing carriers usually reject number porting requests when the request doesn’t match the data a carrier has on file. Once the mismatch has been corrected, the port request can be submitted again, but if the losing carrier finds another mistake in the data, the request is rejected again. The carrier can wait up to 30 days to process each request.
Telnyx offers an automated porting service, FastPortⓇ, that manages this process programmatically on your behalf. Our system collects the data we need from you, coordinates with other carriers and keeps you informed every step of the way. For everyone else, the best way to avoid porting delays and back-and-forth is to contact your old service provider to verify the information they have on file, so that your new carrier can be sure its request is correct.
Before you start the number porting process, use this checklist to ensure you avoid some of the most common data mismatches.

Request a Copy of Your Customer Service Record

A majority of the information you need to port your number is contained in your customer service record (CSR). To request a copy of your CSR, call your old carrier’s customer service number, and tell them that you’d like a copy of your CSR. Your old carrier is legally obligated to provide this, usually within 24 hours.
The best way to have your CSR delivered is via email, allowing you to forward the source of truth directly to your new carrier.
In some cases, your new carrier may be able to request your CSR from your old carrier. However, carriers are not legally required to provide CSRs to other carriers, only to customers, and Canadian carriers cannot provide CSRs to other carriers at all.

Check the Status of Your Old Account

A number porting request will be rejected if your account with your old carrier has a freeze on it. This information about your account may not appear on your CSR. You can obtain this information from the customer service agent when you request your CSR.
Make sure you have any freezes on the account removed before the number porting request is submitted.

Make Sure Your CSR Has All the Required Information

Once you have your CSR, check it over to make sure that all the required information is there. These are the pieces of data that cause the most problems during number porting:
  • Authorized name or authorized username
  • Reseller name (Canada only)
  • Billing telephone number (incorrect or missing)
  • Account number
  • The service address
  • A list of telephone numbers on the account
Match missing information to what’s on file with your old carrier, and send it to your new carrier with your CSR.

Confirm that the Port Was Successful

Lastly, check to make sure that your number works with your new carrier.

About Telnyx
Telnyx offers automated porting with FastPort®, an entirely digital and programmatic porting tool that streamlines the number porting process by enabling you to check your number’s portability and submit a request. Telnyx then handles the rest of the number porting process, providing you with a dependable timeline and automated updates. Contact our customer success team to learn more.
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