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Takeoff at Telnyx: Alex Sobin

With over 5,000 paying customers around the world and counting, this is how one member of our sales team helps to power big brands with the telecom solutions they need to build next-gen applications.

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By Tony Furnas, Community Manager
Here at Telnyx, we are dedicated to a simple purpose: connect people. With over 5,000 paying customers around the world and counting, this is how one member of our sales team helps to power big brands with the telecom solutions they need to build next-gen applications.

I sat down with Telnyx's own Alex Sobin to document his rise from a department-of-one Sales Development Representative to newly-minted Account Executive. We talked about spearheading a new department, parents that actually understand what you do, and the challenges of moving on.

Interview With Alex

Tony: What does a typical day at Telnyx look like for you?
Alex: A typical day’s structure is balanced 80:20 between the outward and inward focused actions of your typical salesperson. Time is allocated to working on team impacting items like forecasting and outbound activities like prospecting clients, sales calls and meetings. Personally, I prefer hunting down people on the phone early and late in the day. During the midday hours, my inbox gets my attention.
T: What are you up to when you’re not at work?
A: Outside of work, I tend to see myself as a renaissance man: reading, volunteering, playing sports, brewing, fishing, hunting, gardening and more reading.
T: Let’s talk about your time at Telnyx. Can you walk us through the roles you’ve had here?
A: I joined the team in the role of the Sales Development Representative (SDR). I use the article "the" because I was the only one at the time. That’s not to boast, but to underline the type of growth trajectory we’re on one year later. This role was completely focused on bringing in new business to Telnyx by booking meetings with senior decision makers. I still do this, albeit less so. In the new role as an Account Executive (AE), my value is recognized in actualized and booked revenue. This requires a different set of skills and a much different division of time and labor.
T: You mention your two roles having different skill sets. How have these helped you navigate your promotion at Telnyx?
A: In the SDR role, it was an obsession with booking meetings. In the AE role, it is an obsession around closing. Having both these skills, along with asking and observing my peers to see what they did to achieve their goals, yielded tremendous efficiency while bridging the gaps I had. It’s been hard work but well worth the effort.
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T: It’s clear you go the extra mile at Telnyx. How have you seen your hard work make an impact beyond revenue numbers?
A: Beyond revenue contributions, I look at the successes of those around me. The Customer Success team has doubled during my time. The processes I helped forge for the SDR team have allowed us to expand the team into our UK offices and grow our EMEA business. In fact, in the last year, we’ve been able to double our Sales headcount. It’s all been positive.
T: With that growth you’ve been able to drive, what’s been the most challenging thing you’ve worked on in your time here?
A: Handing off the responsibilities I had as a veteran on the SDR team. Anyone who comes into a new organization and thrives, earning the respect of their peers, will find it challenging to let go of that role. Fortunately, Telnyx puts an end to the ego. Moreover, I work with an excellent team, and I’m learning to succeed in a new role. It happens all the time at Telnyx, which is one of the things that attracted me to join.
T: What advice do you have for those who are also interested in joining Telnyx?
A: If you want to dazzle the hiring team, understand that like everything else in life, an interview is a learning exercise. Be open and honest about yourself. Do your homework. Ask a lot of questions about the business. Then, sell us on your passion and your work ethic. And back it up with data.
T: As someone who has spent most of my career in the startup world, I’ve always found it challenging to convey what I do to my family. What do your parents think you do?
A: They are keenly aware of what I do. Having parents who love me, motivate me and act as mentors are unequivocally the biggest and best gifts I’ve ever gotten.
T: If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be and why?
A: If it were just for one day, I would treasure the chance to be a pilot. Plane, riverboat, helicopter, submarine, whatever it is: I don’t care. There are elements of navigation and timing, as well as teamwork, that go into it that appeal to me.
T: We’ve gone over what got you here. But what does your future at Telnyx look like?
A: In the far-off future, I aspire to rise to the top — look out, David!
And with a warning shot to our CEO, we wrap things up. Alex hurries from the room, I assume to get on the phone to chase his next deal.
Are you ready to join Alex and Takeoff at Telnyx? We’re building out our sales team and are looking for talented candidates like you! If you think you have what it takes, apply here!
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