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Takeoff at Telnyx: Aoife Duffy

With over 5,000 paying customers around the world and counting, this is how one member of our sales team helps to power big brands with the telecom solutions they need to build next-gen applications.

Tony Furnas
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By Tony Furnas, Community Manager
Here at Telnyx, we are dedicated to a simple purpose: connect people. With over 5,000 paying customers around the world and counting, this is how one member of our sales team helps to power big brands with the telecom solutions they need to build next-gen applications.
In honor of Women’s History Month, I sat down with Telnyx’s Aoife Duffy to talk about her experience working her way from Sales Development Representative to Customer Success Manager. We talk about her impact at Telnyx, being a one woman show in Dublin, and navigating a department normally populated by men.
Tony: What does a typical day at Telnyx look like for you?
Aoife: As I am based out of our Dublin HQ, a typical day for me starts out calm and gets busier as the day goes on to match the rest of my team over in Chicago. My work consists of cross-collaboration on various international projects, working with different teams on internal initiatives & as a CSM, I maintain relationships with our key customers and ensure they have everything they need from Telnyx. You’ll spot me having a chat by the coffee machine or on a video conference with my team or clients.
T: What are you up to when you’re not at work?
A: I’m a typical millennial. I am a huge travel fanatic & I love to try new things. You’ll catch me trying new restaurants, organizing the next trip or event, reviewing the latest blockbuster, listening to a tech podcast, or hitting a comedy gig with my boyfriend.
T: Let’s talk about your time with Telnyx. How have you seen the work you do make an impact beyond Telnyx’s revenue numbers?
A: I have seen my ideas come to fruition across the Growth org. I’ve helped improve countless processes within the Sales team. I have taken on several projects which have been incremental to Telnyx’s success such as learning & development. Bringing positivity to my peer’s day to day lives in all of our offices is something I aim to do every day.
T: What advice do you have for those who are also interested in joining Telnyx?
A: Do it. Working for Telnyx has been instrumental at helping me build my skill set and my grow in my career. I get the chance to work alongside talented, hardworking and creative people daily. My role can be challenging at times but I have huge job satisfaction and there are amazing opportunities to grow your career.

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T: Working remote can be challenging for anyone, what tools does Telnyx employ that make it easier for you to collaborate as a team on two continents?
A: Zoom, Slack and Google sheets make things very fluid. I find any tool that supports strong communication or cross-collaboration to be very helpful. Telnyx believes in the power of collaboration, so we’re always looking for the next cutting-edge technology that makes working across the globe easier.
T: Sales teams can sometimes be boys clubs, how do you feel about the atmosphere of the Telnyx sales team?
A: I have to admit I was apprehensive to start as the first woman to work in the sales department at Telnyx. However, I soon realised that it didn’t matter your gender/ age/ background, it was all about your ability to work hard and how you could contribute to the team. The Growth organization at Telnyx embodies everything a fast-paced, versatile & challenged team should. There is a high level of cross-functionality, recognition & iteration across the squad.
T: If you could do another job for just one day, what would it be and why?
A: I'd like to try my hand at being a foreign service officer because I love the idea of being able to represent Ireland around the globe & have an impact on foreign, economic and social issues - while seeing some cool places along the way.
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