[Video] The Telnyx Telephony Engine Architecture

[Video] The Telnyx Telephony Engine Architecture

Rogelio Perez - one of our very own Telnyx Telephony engineer - recently spoke with FreeSWITCH about the Telnyx Telephony Engine architecture. Watch this video to find out how Telnyx incorporates FreeSWITCH and Kamailio into the Telnyx platform and how we have built a location service to implement location-based routing in our cloud agnostic environment.

Telephony Engine Architecture w/ FreeSWITCH

Additional questions about the Telnyx telephony engine architecture? Or maybe inquiries on how we integrate FreeSWITCH? Or maybe you're just really bored and want to talk to someone? Our Customer Success Team is here to assist! Log into our Mission Control Portal - it's free! - and message our 24/7 chat support.
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