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Telnyx expands PSTN Replacement coverage

Telnyx achieves PSTN replacement in an additional 13 countries across Europe, as it expands its global offering.

Fiona McDonnell
Telnyx expands PSTN Replacement
At Telnyx, we’re always working to connect people— wherever they are in the world.
Today we are happy to announce that we have achieved PSTN (Public Switched Telephone Network) replacement in a further 13 countries across EMEA. We now offer a fully featured telephony service in France, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Austria, Norway, Sweden, Switzerland, Denmark, Luxembourg, Italy, Portugal, and Czech Republic. This new expansion brings our total PSTN offering to 22 countries, including Ireland, UK, Canada, US, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Slovenia, Finland and Australia.

What is PSTN replacement?

PSTN replacement is the ability to provide a fully-featured telephony service in a specific country or region. PSTN replacement includes the ability to offer inbound and outbound local calling, geographic, toll-free, and national number resources, emergency service-enabled numbers, Calling Line Identity (CLI) passthrough, dual-tone multi-frequency (DTMF) signaling, and number portability.
In order to offer a PSTN replacement service, providers need to fully comply with local regulations and meet specific criteria such as having in-country infrastructure, complying with regular audits, having a local company, having interconnects, and testing with local carriers.

What are the benefits of PSTN replacement?

As more companies move away from the traditional copper lines and towards a completely cloud-based communications system, it’s important that CPaaS companies can provide the same familiar telephony features and services. With our expanded PSTN replacement capacity, we have more control over our international processes, which means we can offer our customers a wider range of features and quicker turnaround times.

Global Numbers

Telnyx has local numbers in over 100 countries around the world, meaning you can expand your global footprint with ease. Instantly search and order numbers in our Mission Control Portal and use our latest API to upload required documents when buying numbers from Telnyx.

Faster Number Porting

Customers in the 20 countries where we offer PSTN replacement can now expect quicker turnaround times when porting numbers to Telnyx. Aside from faster porting times, Telnyx gives users full transparency and control over the porting process, for a seamless transition to the cloud.

Complete adherence to international regulations

We’re a licensed carrier in 25+ countries and our regulatory team take care of all the requirements in foreign jurisdictions to give you peace of mind.
If you’re interested in seeing what services Telnyx offers in your country or region, reach out to our sales team today.
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