Telnyx Launches New SMS Feature Set

Telnyx Launches New SMS Feature Set

Telnyx, the world’s only self-service, full-stack communications platform, announced today the launch of three new SMS features designed to enhance customer communications: Number Pool, Geomatch and Sticky Sender. The new features expand on an already robust messaging suite built on the Telnyx SMS API.
These new features give users more options for their SMS campaigns, helping them reach wider audiences and improve conversion rates.

New Features

The Number Pool feature enables the sender to quickly distribute messages across a group of phone numbers with fast, dependable delivery. Geomatch sends numbers from the same local area code as the recipient to localize the customer experience. And finally, Sticky Sender makes it possible to send every customer message from the same number to create a more consistent experience.
“We’re excited to launch these new SMS features,” said Christie Wragg, SMS product marketing manager at Telnyx. “The additions of Number Pool, Geomatch and Sticky Sender into our messaging suite offer a new layer of number intelligence that will make it easier for our customers to create flexible, responsive campaigns to quickly reach their intended audiences.”
Telnyx messaging and configuration are delivered via a powerful SMS API for simple setup and high deliverability. Paired with a private, global network, vast phone number inventory and end-to-end encryption, Telnyx Programmable SMS is reimagining how businesses use messaging to connect with customers.
Learn more about Programmable SMS, or explore the full suite of messaging capabilities in the Telnyx Mission Control Portal.
About Telnyx
Telnyx delivers voice, messaging and more for next-gen communications applications. A communications platform and partner that provides global carrier-grade services, Telnyx maintains a global, private IP network and grants its customers unprecedented control over their communications through its innovative portal and intuitive APIs.
Telnyx products include voice (e.g., Call Control, Elastic SIP Trunking, Global Numbers), programmatic messaging, embedded communications and automated networking. Customers provision services a la carte and pay by usage for scalable, on-demand communications.
Every Telnyx customer has access to 24/7 in-house engineering support and a dedicated customer success representative, and Telnyx continues to offer complimentary enterprise services like configuration management, enterprise security and fraud detection.
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