Telnyx Partners with The SIP School

Telnyx Partners with The SIP School

We here at Telnyx love partnering up with some pretty amazing organizations. This is why we couldn’t help but jump at the opportunity to sync up with The SIP School and lend a helping hand with some of their training.
Considered to be the single-most important certification on SIP in the world today, passing the SSCA® proves that students understand SIP and its applications in voice and communications. We interviewed The SIP School’s CEO Graham Francis to get some additional insight about The SIP School and their partnership with Telnyx:

How did SIP School get started? What makes your offerings different than other schools?

The SIP School started as a result of it becoming apparent that the SIP protocol was going to dominate telecom. The training first went live in 2008 and has gone from strength to strength. Over this time, the content has evolved as SIP has evolved and expanded into all aspects of a Unified Communications solution.  What also makes The SIP School unique is the SSCA® certification that is the only recognised SIP certification available today.  Supported by organisations such as the TIA, USTelecom, Bicsi, and Incompas, along with a multitude of vendors and services providers and with over 6,000 certified engineers around the world, it is without equal.

How did this partnership start with Telnyx?

Ian Reither – Telnyx Coo – reached out and offered support from Telnyx for The SIP School as a technology partner.  This was achieved by Telnyx offering students of The SIP School an introductory fund to use to help them in their SIP education by being able to call and thus test and analyse non-SIP to SIP calls on the PSTN.

What do you hope to achieve with this partnership with Telnyx?

We here at The SIP School hope that the partnership can provide students additional tools and options to help them study.

How are you using the Telnyx services within your curriculum?

Within the section on Wireshark, students can register an account on Telnyx and then configure a SIP Softphone to make calls, and more importantly, use Wireshark to analyse the signalling that makes the calls work.

What do you envision for the future of the SIP School? Any exciting happenings coming up?

The SIP School’s training programs are constantly evolving, and we’re working on content related to the SHAKEN/STIR initiatives in the IETF and ATIS that should go a long way in preventing Robocalling.  Also, we’re expanding on our Networking program with more on SD-WAN, NFV and of course, the protocols of the IoT.

Why do you think SIP trunking is so important for the future of communication?

It’s a must for companies.  As the PSTN reaches it’s ‘end of life’, without a SIP trunk – you won’t be able to connect your VoIP-based PBX to anything! Thank you to Graham for the interview! If you’re interested in learning more about SIP and getting SSCA® certified, head on over to The SIP School to sign up!        
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