Telnyx Resolutions 2017

Telnyx Resolutions 2017

The beginning of a new year presents a lot of opportunity for change – people see it as the perfect refresh point. Others see it as a jump-off to do even bigger and better things. Of course, finding a focus for some could be overwhelming, so we here at Telnyx asked a few of our team members what their personal and professional goals and resolutions are for the new year. Here’s a collection of their responses:I want to get back to running again! It’s hard when it’s cold out, and I just want to hibernate, but I need to stay healthy and active. Professionally, I want to ramp up quickly as I’ve only been here for over a month, and I want to really own my role and help with our company’s overall revenue growth through our digital marketing campaigns. -Michael B. Keep moving forward in life, no matter what it takes! Specifically, I want to learn more about web and UI/UX design, and just do even better work. -Alex S. Personally, I want to become a pro at painting. Here at work, I want to build a Telnyx superweapon! -Yiu Ming I need to get my weight down – it went up in 2016! For sure it will go down in 2017 :) Professionally, I’d like to write another full service in Elixir. I want to become more proficient in using process trees for fault tolerance. Maybe even try to apply to speak at a conference if I’m feeling really bold! -David
My personal goal is to compete in a men’s physique bodybuilding competition in November. My professional resolution is to do less, but do more effective work. At the moment, I volunteer a lot outside of work, because it's what keeps me sane. However, I've taken on too much this past year, therefore I want to strike a better work-life balance. My professional goal for Telnyx is to relax and try to keep a clear mind about what we need. There is so much velocity in the company that it feels like we're snowballing down a mountain. If someone is not moving fast enough, it'll end up in the snowball of work we need to complete at some point. It's important to stay calm and stand firm in what you believe should be done. -Hector Personally, I want to read more. Professionally, I want to better automate our porting service. -Leonardo I want to follow a budget as my personal resolution. For work, I want to push my professional growth to the next level, and I want to hit our numbers! -Jessica My goal for 2017 is to read more books and use social media less. I also want to become a well-rounded developer as my professional resolution. -Peter N
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