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Telnyx and Skype for Business Interoperability is here!

We are now proud to be certified Skype for Business interoperability partners! Telnyx - SIP Trunk Provider, Programmable Voice and Messaging Solutions

Michael Bratschi
There are fewer than 80 companies who are certified SIP trunk carriers by Skype for Business. It was quite the undertaking, but the stringent specifications didn’t stop us from the task, and we are now proud to be certified Skype for Business interoperability partners!

Skype for Business Interoperability Requirements

One key to integration is achieved through backward compatibility of Skype for Business with previous versions and with the Infrastructure Interoperability Program. The program requires qualified partners whose infrastructure devices have been thoroughly tested. The devices include SIP-PSTN gateways, reverse proxy servers, load balancers, IP-Private Branch Exchange (IP-PBX), survivable branch appliances, and session boarder controllers. Additionally, Skype for Business provides compatible services which include SIP, enhanced 911 (E-911), and audio conferencing providers (ACP).
Beyond the technical requirements,  additional specifications are required by Microsoft in order to pass: - Join the Microsoft Partner Program - Become a member of TSANet, a multivendor support community - Contact and complete test lab requirements from TekVizion or WIPRO - Contact Skype for Business engineering team for final approval - Create dedicated support page for Skype for Business documentation including a start guide

Where Telnyx Comes into Play

Telnyx’s SIP trunking services enable organizations to connect their on-premise telecommunications infrastructure – like Skype for Business – to an external PSTN network. Our private backbone and tier-1 voice interconnects enables high-quality PSTN to internet interconnectivity, ensuring consistency and scalability for the enterprise.
On top of that, our intuitive and easy-to-use Telnyx Mission Control Portal and API offers a unified communications platform that facilitates real-time configuration and support for bridging data and services with one solution. Our advantages include immediate phone provisioning, easy SIP trunk setup, simplified billing and APIs for seamless integration. This results in an optimal, tailored, and efficient solution that is manageable.

What this Means for you

Choosing Telnyx for your Skype for Business interoperability means assurance that the overall integration has been tested rigorously to ensure reliable connections moving forward. Just like them, we also truly believe that “at the heart of great teams is great communication,” which is why we teamed up with Skype for Business to provide a service that just works.
Skype for Business provides cloud PBX with PSTN calling and conferencing and enterprise-level security –add to that Telnyx’s capabilities when it comes to SIP trunking, call origination and termination, and you have a team that will do the work for you to assure nothing but quality connection.
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