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[Video] How Telnyx is Solving Your Real Time Communications Problems

The Internet has gone from carrying less than 1% of all telecommunications data to more than 97%. But, that wasn't what the Internet wasn’t built for.

Sara Weichhand
The Internet revolutionized the world as we know it today, having almost an immediate impact on the way we communicate. In less than 20 years, the Internet has gone from carrying less than 1% of the information flowing through two-way telecommunications networks to more than 97% of telecommunicated information. However, the Internet wasn’t built for this, and now we face real time communications problems. When it comes to VoIP, often times the call quality is just not good enough to effectively communicate.

Solving VoiP Quality Worldwide

Telnyx is solving this issue and delivering the highest quality VoIP calls around the world.
Check out this short video to learn how Telnyx delivers crystal clear VoIP all the time anywhere.
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