Telnyx is Sponsoring this Year’s ClueCon (Again!)

Telnyx is Sponsoring this Year’s ClueCon (Again!)

It’s that time of the year folks – ClueCon is coming back to Chicago in August, and we’re very excited to be sponsoring this event once again!
A conference for developers by developers, ClueCon is he ld every summer by the FreeSWITCH open-source project. Just like the Telnyx crew, this awesome group of people enjoys what they do in VoIP, open-source software, WebRTC and IoT. If that’s something you’re interested in, you might want to read more about the conference. Already registered? Here’s what to expect from us here at Telnyx:

Speaking Engagements:

Our CEO David Casem and Senior Network Engineer Jason Craft will be discussing the strategy & technical mechanics of building a global VoIP network – they’ll basically be divulging some secrets about what differentiates Telnyx from other VoIP providers, so make sure you come with all ears wide open!
David Kovsky, our senior software engineer will be up on stage for a conversation around building a microservices architecture from scratch. Here’s a quick summary:
Conventional wisdom says the best way to build a microservices architecture is to start with a monolith and only break it into microservices when you understand the domain well enough to get the boundaries right. At Telnyx, we knew from the start that we couldn’t satisfy all the requirements of running a phone company, with self-service as a key differentiator, within a monolith. Furthermore, we knew the sooner we started on the key infrastructure components of a microservice architecture, the better off we’d be. In this talk, we’ll explore the key decisions we’ve made in order to make this work, the benefits we’ve enjoyed, and how our system continues to evolve to meet changing needs and respond to learning experiences.

Telnyx Afterparty:

We’re hard at work finalizing plans for this year’s official ClueCon Afterparty: SUPER PHREAK! A TELNYX PARTY. We admire the work that the phone phreakers of the past have done to disrupt the telco landscape, so we’re honoring them with our phreaker-themed event.
Of course, cocktails and food will be served as we party the night away with plenty of entertainment options including a live band and a beer pong tournament, to name a few.
Still not convinced? Well, we’re giving away a few amazing prizes, so make sure you don’t miss out!
ClueCon: August 7th-10th 2017
Swissotel 323 E Upper Wacker Dr. Chicago, IL
311 W Superior St Chicago, IL
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