Telnyx Sponsors Astricon 2018

Telnyx Sponsors Astricon 2018

Telnyx is proud to be this year’s Astricon platinum sponsor. We’ll have an exhibit set up where our customers and members of the Asterisk community can come hang out and talk about all things real-time communication. For the uninitiated, Asterisk is one of the most used open-source frameworks for building telecommunications applications. Asterisk powers PBX systems, VoIP gateways, and conference servers for carriers and organizations all over the world.
Astricon is the world’s premier event for people who are serious about Asterisk and real-time communications. This year’s event is hosted in Orlando, Florida from October 9 to 11 and features:
  • 54 speakers
  • 20 sponsors
  • 19 exhibitors
The speaker cadre and exhibitors include developers, industry leaders and business experts in the Asterisk telecommunications space. The Astricon presentations and exhibits will cover:
  • Development
  • Deployment
  • Asterisk training
  • Infrastructure
  • Networking events
  • Marketing
  • Asterisk workshops
  • Machine learning
  • Speech biometrics
  • Asterisks voicebots
  • Dangerous Demos
There’s something for everyone, and all these topics are explored by knowledgeable experts. Here are some examples of the talks at Astricon 2018:

The Sylk Road to WebRTC.

Adrian Georgescu will share his experience in developing the Blink SIP client to the Sylk WebRTC hybrid and what he’s learned about the future of SIP/WebRTC-based infrastructures. Adrian draws a comparison in the design and development of real-time communications solutions based on SIP and WebRTC protocols and examines what happens when these solutions converge, communicate and compete.

Tune Up Your Contact Center

Corey McFadden explores Asterisk technologies that can be easily built into Asterisk-based callback centers. Corey will cover callback in queue, ASR/TTS, and SMS and how to implement them in FreePBX, raw Asterisk and Digium Switchvox.

Real-Time Machine Learning

Evan McGee will discuss the revolutionary effects of real-time machine learning on RTC. He’ll explore using real-time machine learning for video and audio optimization, advanced NLU, speaker synthesis, real-time session transmission and tuning.
The Astricon schedule is packed and is shaping up to be really a great time with tons of useful information!
Be sure to schedule a time to come by and hang out with the Telnyx team, and let us know how you’re using Asterisk and building the future of real-time communications. We look forward to seeing you there!
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