Telnyx is a Top Chicago Tech Company, Says G2 Crowd

Telnyx is a Top Chicago Tech Company, Says G2 Crowd

Telnyx is proud and humbled to be named one of Chicago’s top software companies based on user reviews of our service.

Rated Top 15

G2 Crowd, an independent review platform for business software and services, compiled a list of the best-reviewed products from Chicago companies, and Telnyx’s 4.8 out of 5-star rating landed us in the top 15 among some of the most successful enterprise applications.
"We're proud to be recognized by our users this way,” said Eric Bernhold, Customer Success Manager at Telnyx. “Telnyx is building a communications platform for businesses that are underserved by legacy telecom, so we consider every positive review a vote of confidence in what we've built so far.”
In addition to being the highest rated Cloud Communications Platform on G2 Crowd, Telnyx beats the competition in ease of use, ease of setup and ease of administration.
“When we began developing the Mission Control portal, it wasn’t clear we’d be able to successfully place all the functionality we wanted behind a single pane of glass,” said Bernhold. “Three years later, it’s clear that users are finding immense value in our platform and that this is the direction the entire industry is headed.”
Telnyx’s investment in 24/7 support and a dedicated customer success team was also reflected in our head-of-the-pack ratings for quality of support and ease of doing business. Our users also unanimously indicated that Telnyx’s product roadmap is heading in the right direction.
“A big thank you to our users for their kind reviews. We promise we’ll continue innovating on behalf of the businesses that traditional telecom has neglected.”
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