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Telnyx vs. Vonage: Who to Choose

Telnyx and Vonage have APIs that help businesses implement communications that connect them to customers. What’s the difference?

Fiona McDonnell
Telnyx or Vonage- your comparison guide
Here we take a deep dive into the main differentiators between Telnyx and Vonage to help you decide on the best partner for your business.


Let’s get something clear- the internet was never built for real-time communications. At Telnyx, we’ve tackled that issue by building our own private, global network so your media spends as little time on the public internet as possible. This reduces latency, results in better quality voice services, and adds an extra layer of security to your calls.
Private, global network
While Vonage also operates a global network, they depend on the public internet to carry all their call media. This means, with Vonage, your calls travel over the public internet- leaving them more prone to things like lag and jitter, which end up disrupting your call quality.

Carrier Status

Thanks to our carrier status Telnyx has direct access to the Public Switch Telephone Network (PSTN). Why is this important I hear you ask? This has allowed us to cut out the middleman and remove the need for telecom aggregators. The outcome? We are able to offer our customers more reliable communications with better quality, at lower prices.
Vonage has direct-to-carrier and tier-1 interconnects which gives them a global reach, but they are still at the behest of these aggregators in terms of pricing and reliability.
Bottom line- nothing can compare with controlling your entire telephony stack, down to the network level. Want to know more about the benefits of partnering with a carrier? Reach out to one of our experts.

Cost and Dependability

At Telnyx, we know that communication is the most important part of every business, but we don’t believe it has to be the most expensive part of every business.
Because we have cut out third-party aggregators, we don’t have to charge a markup for our services- that’s why you’ll find Telnyx has best-in-class pricing.

Inbound Local Calls$0.0035/ minute$0.0049/ minute
Outbound Local Calls$0.005/ minute$0.0139/minute
Inbound SMSFree-
Outbound SMS$0.0025/ message$0.0063/ message
Telnyx vs. Vonage Price Comparison. Prices correct at time of publication.

We’re here to help your company scale, whenever you need to. As you grow, your company will be able to take advantage of our built-in volume discounts, to help you save where you can and accelerate your growth. Take a look at our SIP Pricing to see how much you can save.

Numbers and Porting

Because Telnyx is a licensed carrier, we are able to maintain complete control of our number inventory across the globe. That means you have direct access to numbers and have the ability to choose what you need based on functionality, location, and price, in our self-service portal.
As Vonage is not a carrier, they do not own their own number inventory and instead rely on third-party providers for phone numbers. As a customer- this could end up limiting your options when searching and provisioning phone numbers.
We also know that number porting can be one of the main worries for businesses who are either looking to move to a new provider or leave their current one. The ambiguity around the porting process and how long it will take to move numbers over. That’s why we’ve built FastPort®.
FastPort® automates the porting process and provides absolute transparency and control from start to finish. At Telnyx, we want to provide a seamless user experience, to do this we have built real-time CSR validation and on-demand activation into our porting process. This reduces porting times and gives you peace of mind that your port will be accepted and happen on time. Get in touch with our support team to see how long (or short) porting your numbers to Telnyx will take!


Even the best developers can run into snags from time-to-time- it’s almost inevitable. We want to be there to help with it happens, that’s why we have free support available 24/7/365. Regardless of whether you are a large corporation or a self-service user our support teams are best-in-class engineers that have built Telnyx from the ground up and are there when you need them.
While Vonage support is also free to users- recent G2 ratings show that Telnyx’s support team ranks higher for overall Quality of Support.


Telnyx vs. Vonage: Head-to-Head Comparison
Carrier Status As Telnyx is a licensed carrier, we have complete control over call routing which means better call quality and faster troubleshooting. Vonage relies on third parties for call routing and connectivity.
Number Inventory Thanks to our carrier status we have our own inventory of global phone numbers.
Vonage relies on middlemen for their numbers- which means you’ll end up paying more for numbers with less control.
Network Your media travels over a private network to ensure high-quality calling on the lowest latency routes, every time. With Vonage, your calls are susceptible to public network failings like lag, jitter and security risks.
Affordability Because Telnyx is a carrier we have the best rates on the market for voice and SMS. Using third-party aggregators means that Vonage pricing will never be as low as Telnyx.

Bottom Line

If you’re looking for a communications partner with more control and better quality, you need look no further than Telnyx.
Since we’ve built our telephony engine on top of our own, private, global network, we can’t be beaten on quality- or price. As a true carrier, we have complete control over our call routing, number inventory, and porting process. What’s more, our support team of engineers is available to assist you 24/7/365 so no time is wasted if you run into an issue.
Why not test us out- sign-up for a self-service account in Mission Control and you’ll get $10 in free testing credit- trust us, it goes a long way.
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