The Telnyx Mission Control Portal Just Got Even Easier to Use
Feature Release - 12.4.2018

The Telnyx Mission Control Portal Just Got Even Easier to Use

Your analytics data is important. Understanding it and using it is even more important.
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Communications Dashboard Updates

That’s why we’ve added graphical dashboards to the Telnyx Mission Control Portal that gives users visual representations of their call and messaging data so they can quickly assess usage and trends.
The new dashboard visualizes vital metrics that help you keep an eye on the health of account:
  • Number of voice calls
  • Voice connection rate
  • Number of active voice calls
  • Number of SMS messages
  • Numbers in porting queue
  • Number of successful port-ins
This enables Telnyx users to take even greater advantage of the extensive configurability of our platform, helping you create real-time communications solutions that meet your needs exactly as you need it to.
While we’re very proud of the capabilities of the data visualization dashboard, we’re going to keep working to improve it and add even more functionality to help our customers fine-tune their telecom usage and make business decisions based on quality insights. There will be even more data visualization capabilities coming your way in the future.
If you want more information about the most reliable and customizable cloud communications platform on the market, contact our customer success team to learn more.
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