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Telnyx's guiding principles are the foundation on which our company is built.

Sara Weichhand
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The Telnyx mission is as bold as it is necessary, to make universal communications possible. Since our inception 2009, we have set out engineer tools and infrastructure that make it easy for users to embed and integrate communications (termination, origination, e911, CNAM and SIP trunks) into businesses and applications, resulting in a simple, configurable, and barrier-free medium to access one another in real-time.
Below we have shared our Company’s Guiding Principles. These are the foundation on which our company is built. We wrote these values to be actionable, to inform decision-making and to provide a sense of what’s important and what’s right; they guide how we hire, train, measure and reward our team.

Telnyx Company Culture Outline

As importantly, they ensure that we continually innovate for our customers and provide world-class service level for all your voice communication needs.
•Work together – Seek exponential gains rather than additive gains in your work by improving the lives of colleagues and customers.
•Be gritty – If we are tenacious and persistent in doing more with less, we can always do more. Constraints are often advantages in disguise that force us to come up with creative solutions.
•Improve continually – Perfection is the enemy of progress. Always ask “why.” Think big, start small, collect data, and iterate quickly.
•Leverage the experience of others – Avoid unnecessary detours by learning from the mistakes and successes of others. Those who do not learn from history are destined to repeat it.
•Spread integrity – Be transparent and honest. Give direct feedback.
•Take action – Err on the side of action. Nobody is above any task; take ownership and get things done.
•Practice diligence – Measure twice and cut once. Plan thoughtfully, always have someone double-check your work, and take deliberate action.
•Think future forward – Always think about what you can do today to put our customers and the company in the best position in the future.
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