To Email or Not To Email? SMS is the Answer.
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To Email or Not To Email? SMS is the Answer.

Customers live in a constant stream of updates and notifications that make finding the right channel to reach them more important than ever. It is critical for businesses to choose the best way to communicate with customers, and when 56% of all email traffic is considered spam, you could be missing the mark by limiting your business communications to email campaigns.

SMS To Communicate With Customers

Here are some key data points to consider when you’re deciding on how to communicate with your customers.
  • 75% of customers feel frustrated when they can’t respond to a business test message.
  • Over 50% of consumers have tried to respond to a missed call with a text.
  • 80% of people use SMS in business related communications.
  • Over 50% of customers prefer SMS messaging for customer support.
  • 67% of customers would prefer to handle appointments and scheduling through text messages.
  • 75% of customers would like to receive special offers through SMS.
  • SMS engagement rates are 6 to 8 times higher than email engagement rates.
Two-way SMS conversations are the clear preference for the majority of consumers when it comes to business communications. Making sure that your SMS platform is not limited to merely outbound messages is vital to your communication strategy.
Also, customers rated delivery updates, order confirmations, and appointment reminders as the top three most effective types of SMS messages. Adopting an SMS strategy to handle these types of communication would not only be more economical than most other communication methods, it would also improve the customer experience.
Additionally, given the high rate at which email is considered spam and that nearly 15% of emails get marked as spam, customers will be less skeptical of SMS and more likely to respond and engage with text messages.
Keeping your customers up to date is key, and with a low cost communications solution like SMS your customers will be kept in the loop with ease, To learn more about SMS regulations and best practices, download the Telnyx State of SMS: 2020 eBook today.
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