Now offering Toll-Free SMS: Better branding and higher throughput
Feature Release - 2.13.2018

Now offering Toll-Free SMS: Better branding and higher throughput

Toll-Free texting from your premier toll-free provider.

Communicate with your customers and users through one branded number. Whether voice or text, toll-free numbers enable a quality, comprehensive experience that is customizable to your business needs.

Higher Throughput

With send rates as high as 20 messages/sec.

Voice or SMS

Two-way conversations via texting, calls or both.


Intelligently route messages and calls as it fits your business.

Other features

  • Automatic message queuing
  • UTF-8 / Unicode character support
  • Concatenated long messages
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Porting Toll-Frees to Telnyx

You can provision new, SMS-enabled toll-frees in Mission Control number search, or port your existing toll-free numbers to our network by making a port request. All of the porting functionality available in the Telnyx API is available for toll-free number porting.

Enable SMS on Toll-Frees

SMS messaging is enabled in a number’s routing options menu.
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