Top 20 Uses for AI
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Top 20 Uses for AI

Conversational AI and chatbots are increasingly used to enhance the communication channels that customers love most, and streamline processes to make purchasing or customer support activities faster and more convenient.
The potential list of AI uses is endless. To narrow things down, here’s a list of our ideal use cases, by industry:


1. Appointment scheduling and reminders
Patients can schedule appointments and opt-in to SMS or email reminders by phone or online through an automated system.
2. Setup prescription pickup schedule
Patients can schedule prescription pickups and schedule future orders over the phone, through the website, or using an app.
3. Remote symptom reporting and diagnosis
Chatbots and conversational AI can collect symptom information for doctors to review and send a diagnosis.


4. Report account balances
Customers can call or open a chat to request their account balances through an automated system.
5. Automated customer service and support
Conversational AI and chatbots can be integrated into phone, online, and SMS support channels to handle simple requests, and route customers to the appropriate customer service agent for more complex customer service tasks.
6. Automated payment collection
Customers can schedule and make payments through an automated phone teller or online chatbot.


7. Accept payments
Customers can make payments over the phone or through the chat program after completing their bookings.
8. Virtual room tours
Conversational AI and chatbots can help customers choose the type of room they’d like and get a virtual room tour through email or in real-time on a website.
9. Booking and confirmation
Bookings and confirmations can be completed online or over the phone without the assistance of a customer service representative.
10. Reservation changes
Reservations can be changed using an automated system over the phone or online.

Human Resources

11. Recruiting
Interview scheduling and personal information collection can be automated with conversational AI and chatbots.
12. Simplified on-boarding
Simple conversational AI and chatbot programs can be built to guide new hires through initial training and policy overviews.
13. Online training
Automated processes can help employees select and complete the appropriate online training.
14. Human resources support
Automated systems can collect human resources complaints and open tickets to be handed off to human resources representatives.


15. Order placement
Phone and online orders can be assisted and completed by conversational AI and chatbot systems.
16. Order tracking
Customers can call or chat to get order status updates.
17. Collect feedback and reviews
Requests for product and service feedback and reviews can be handled by conversational AI and chatbots. These same automated systems can also help customers submit their reviews.
18. Sending marketing offers and alerts
Conversational AI and chatbots can help customers opt-in to offers and alerts. And, chatbots make automated SMS communication more natural.

Sales and Marketing

19. Automated call and meeting scheduling
Customers can schedule sales calls and meetings through an automated phone or chat system.
20. Content and webinar suggestions
Chatbots and conversational AI programs can collect customer preferences to make personalized content suggestions.

This is far from an exhaustive list of potential uses for conversational AI and chatbots. But, these use cases clearly illustrate how you can integrate AI technologies into your customer communication and engagement systems. The possibilities are endless.
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