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Unlock the SaaS Potential of Your Transcription Application

Transcription applications experience a delay as audio is recorded, transmitted, processed and delivered. Utilizing Telnyx reduces delay at each step for a smooth SaaS experience.

Josh Whitaker
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Transcription applications typically have required a significant delay while the application recorded, processed and transcribed the audio. This delay occurs as the application accesses voice media, performs transciption and delivers the results back to the end user.
Is it possible to deliver transcription without significant delays? With Telnyx it is.

Taking transcription to the cloud

By utilizing media forking, Telnyx enables a transcription application to carry out real-time voice analysis in the cloud. Media forking is a feature available to Telnyx clients that is unique to Telnyx SIP trunking.
The call media is duplicated, encrypted and sent to multiple locations through Telnyx’s private network. Note, because it is run through a private network you don’t have to worry about data corruption or significant latency.
Now, the SaaS application will benefit from several advantages that simply wouldn’t exist without access to the cloud.

Better flexibility and agility

Being tied to on-premise infrastructure or maintaining a product that can't deliver quickly limits an organization’s ability to improve the application itself.
Unlocking cloud capabilities for the transcription app, the application can scale using agile development and avoid any concerns about being constrained by geographical location.

Improved reliability and security

Normally, when you introduce new software and applications to a telephony environment they will create new points of failure. This is a major issue for call centers, banks and 24/7 support teams.
However, thanks to the introduction of call forking, the reliability of the call is no longer dependent on the application. The app is removed from the call center’s tech stack, and as a result, the application's performance doesn't affect call performance.

Faster installs and sales cycles

In short, reducing implementations means faster sales cycles. As the application can operate from the cloud, it benefits from dynamic scalability. This means there are fewer constraints on the application's and the organization’s growth.

Wider addressable market

By moving your transcription application to the cloud, you open up access to any market addressable via the Telnyx IP network and telephony ecosystem. It’s an IP network that spans North America, Europe and Asia. As an added bonus you can also make us of international numbering available in 60+ countries.
In addition to geographical improvements you’ll also gain access to new industries and prospects that are less tolerant of expensive or resource-intensive transformation.

About Telnyx
Telnyx provides a cloud-based communications platform that enables cloud-based applications to perform call translation, analytics, transcription and voice recognition in real time without any on-premise technology. Contact our customer success team to learn more.
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