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How to Build Conferencing with the Telnyx Voice API

Check out our step-by-step guides to build conferencing with Telnyx Call Control in Python, Node.js, Ruby, or PHP.

Christie Wragg
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e## What is Call Control Conferencing?
Telnyx Call Control is a Voice API which allows you to control your call flows. Developers writing voice applications can control calls by sending commands, and monitor the status of calls by analyzing webhooks sent in response to commands. This communication provides uniquely granular control over your calls. Using conference commands, you can create and manage conference calls and conference call participants.

How does Telnyx Conferencing Work?

Telnyx Conferencing works based on HTTP webhooks and REST commands. The Telnyx Voice API features a range of commands that enable fine-grained control over conference calls and yield informational webhooks.

How To Build A Conference Call Line with the Telnyx Voice API

To help you get started building a simple conference calling demo using the above commands and webhooks, we've put together easy-to-follow tutorials in your favorite languages.
  • Python, using the Telnyx Python SDK and Flask.
  • Ruby, using the Telnyx Ruby SDK and Sinatra.
  • Node.js, using the Telnyx Call Control REST API.
  • PHP, using the Telnyx PHP SDK and Slim.
Each of the above tutorials has a corresponding GitHub repo, from which you can pull ready-to-run code and learn how to build upon these examples to create a bespoke conference calling experience for your application.

Questions on Call Control Conferencing? Get in touch with our team of experts.
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