VoIP Trends 2017

VoIP Trends 2017

The year has only begun, and the jury is still out in terms of VoIP trends for 2017. One fact does remain: The industry is steadily growing, with research agency Research and Markets predicting a 9.8% growth in the next four years.
So where do we think is VoIP headed? We asked our Telnyx team members on what they think will be big in 2017.
Direct numbering resources being available to VoIP providers. Game changing!
I predict that small and medium-sized businesses will propel the majority of new growth in VoIP markets as the overhead costs for switching off of traditional lines continue to come down. Larger businesses had the most to save previously, but the value of changing over will increase more significantly for smaller entities.
I think that SMS will continue to gain popularity and demand, but I do think it will steady out towards the end of the year. We also see a lot of API integration currently, but I would predict more and more companies will be creating their own interfaces and integrating with VoIP carriers via the API. Consumers are accustomed to instant gratification and on-demand services across the board nowadays. The best way to keep up is to provide them what they want by eliminating as much traction as possible in your delivery.
I think we’re going to see a strong focus on security as one of the many VoIP trends for 2017. IBM’s Managed Security Services mentioned that SIP is the most targeted protocol for cyber-attacks, accounting for over 51 percent of the security event activities analyzed in 2016. Providers need to ensure their clients and users that their service is secure and encrypted.
Let’s circle back in December and see if any of these VoIP trends and predictions come true!
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