[Webinar] How to be Compliant with SMS Regulations
[Webinar] How to be Compliant with SMS Regulations

Global SMS Regulations Can Be Complex

As the rate of businesses SMS adoption has increased, so have unwanted messages to consumers. In an effort to protect consumers from unsolicited messages, legislators across the globe have enacted a number of regulations that businesses must follow.
In this webinar, Telnyx Director of Regulatory and Industry Affairs Sarah Halko and Telnyx Growth Lead Michael Bratschi talk about global regulations, best practice guidelines, and how you can ensure you remain compliant in a complex environment.
You'll learn about:
  • Global SMS regulations: GDPR, TCPA and PIPEDA.
  • CTIA guidelines and messaging best practices.
  • Consumer consent and opt in/opt out policies.
  • The future of SMS and 10DLC .
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