Set up WebRTC calling with JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication
Feature Release - 8.7.2020 - 3 min read

Set up WebRTC calling with JSON Web Token (JWT) authentication

WebRTC is one of the most exciting communications technologies on the market, and, with our launch of JSON Web Token authentication, it’s now easier than ever to spin up real-time browser-based communications with WebRTC on the Telnyx network.

Quickstart Guide

We’ve added to our growing collection of quickstart guides on the Telnyx Developer Center, this time with step-by-step instructions on how to get started with Telnyx WebRTC. Our shiny new guide walks you through everything you need to place a call:
  • Creating a Telnyx Mission Control Portal account
  • Setting up a SIP connection
  • Creating an Outbound Voice Profile (using our newly-revamped experience)
  • Generating your API key
  • Creating an on-demand credential and generating an associated JSON Web Token
  • Authenticating the credential to the Telnyx WebRTC platform and placing a call!

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Excited to start building with WebRTC? Check out our JavaScript SDK and example applications on GitHub, and join our developer community on Slack to get help from other Telnyx developers and our on-call team of engineers.
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