We’re Launching Our SMS API On Product Hunt
News - 11.18.2019 - 4 min read

We’re Launching Our SMS API On Product Hunt

The Telnyx SMS API makes it easy to integrate enterprise-grade messaging into applications to help businesses extend their global reach and improve customer engagement.

Improving SMS

Our team has been working hard to improve all aspects of our SMS service, from building new features to streamline the experience for developers, with better documentation and an easier-to-use API. We built an SMS platform unlike any other on the market, and we’re excited to launch on Product Hunt to get the word out about what sets us apart.
What is Product Hunt?
Product Hunt is a large community of tech innovators and early adopters who want to share and discover new products. Users post new products to build their communities, gather feedback and get “upvoted” to increase awareness.
The website has become an essential resource for anyone looking to kickstart their business or spread the word about new products. It’s also a great way for product enthusiasts (“Hunters”) to test drive new products and provide valuable insight.
What makes the Telnyx SMS API different from the rest?
When it comes to SMS messaging, you may think there is little separating one provider’s service from another. And that might be true for your basic SMS providers that just get your message from point A to point B. But for those looking to truly integrate SMS into their omnichannel strategies to boost customer engagement, not all SMS platforms are created equal.
Here’s what sets Telnyx apart from other SMS API providers:
  • Telnyx offers full feature parity, providing a long list of extras for your SMS messages that includes number pooling, geomatch, sticky sender, number health and more. These features make it easier to reach customers while also improving deliverability.
  • Our features also help improve engagement by making it easy for customers to interact with your organization. For example, our URL Shortener turns your public links into alluring personalized URLs that your customers can’t help but click.
  • We provide detailed real-time reporting to improve insight into your text messages and how your customers interact with them.
  • For businesses with a global customer base, our international two-way messaging can help extend your reach to any SMS-enabled number in the world. Telnyx international two-way messaging is unique in its ability to send and receive text messages between U.S. long codes and recipients in other countries — rather than needing a number from the same country as the recipient.
  • Unlike other providers that can only enable short code messaging for application-to-person (A2P) traffic, Telnyx’s purpose-built carrier infrastructure makes it possible to use short codes for person-to-person (P2P) messaging as well.
  • We know that price is important. That’s why we deliver enterprise-grade SMS at the lowest cost among fully featured providers. Our messages start at $0.0025 to send and are free to receive.
  • Telnyx owns and operates its own private, global network, keeping your SMS messages off the public internet for better security and reliability.
  • We’ve developed SDKs in popular programming languages and application-based guides to further enable faster, streamlined customer integration.
  • We own phone numbers in over 60 countries, with long code, short code, toll-free, alphanumeric ID, and MMS options — choose A2P- or P2P-enabled numbers to fit a variety of use cases.
  • With our free 24/7 support, our customers have peace of mind knowing that if something goes wrong, Telnyx’s team of in-house engineers is available around the clock to help.
To support the Telnyx SMS API Product Hunt launch, head on over to our page. There’s a special promo code available there that will give new users $50 in free credits. We’d love your feedback, so feel free to share your thoughts or questions on our Product Hunt page.
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