What is Communications Platform as a Service?
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What is Communications Platform as a Service?

A Cloud Communications or Communications Platform as a Service (CPaaS) provider offers real-time conversations that are embeddable, configurable and internet-centric. This enables programmable connectivity to be achieved through APIs. Communication services then becomes à la carte with the ability to customize setups for unique use-cases.

Communications, Meet the Cloud

Today’s applications may rely on several different providers for their telephony needs:
Multiple providers to provision phone numbers in different regions Toll-free service provider SIP trunking provider SMS provider Telephony data dipping services
With so many providers, managing vendors and contracts becomes its own job. But a unified provider can serve all these needs from a single pane of glass. Dealing with a sophisticated, global player makes it easy to integrate and scale your communications with ready-to-embed APIs to reduce administrative burden and speed up development.
Communications Platform as a Service
The goal of CPaaS is unified communications: an integrated suite of communication solutions from SIP trunking to SMS.
CPaaS combines the most cutting-edge capabilities of the internet with the best practices of a successful platform business. It’s the intersection of cloud computing, software-defined networking, microservices architecture and real-time communications.
The CPaaS market is unique for adapting the telecom model to the next generation of internet-centric voice applications. By building API-powered telecom services in the cloud and absorbing network operations into a software model, CPaaS bridges online technology into the future.
CPaaS vs. UCaaS
Unified communications as a service (UCaaS) and CPaaS are similar in several ways, including their reliance on the cloud. However, UCaaS bundles products within a single platform while CPaaS enables à la carte customizations. CPaaS solutions also require additional tools and services like REST APIs and developer docs, while UCaaS solutions are generally ready to go out of the box.

Telnyx is an enterprise-grade carrier network with our own platform and a private backbone that supports our voice and SMS fabric.
Interested in learning more about CPaaS services from Telnyx? Get in touch with an expert today.
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