What is New With Telephony Data
Feature Release - 10.19.2017

What is New With Telephony Data

We migrated our CNAM tool into our new Developer Center and managed to include two additional accompanying tools—LRN lookup and Switch Data—creating a more robust experience for you.

New LRN Data Features

The LRN Data HTTP REST endpoint can be used for most use cases if your system supports HTTP. If you are working with a system that has LRN query support built-in, you may choose to use: - DNS ENUM request - SIP request - XML UDP request

Switch Data Features

Looking for additional metadata information for a particular raw numbering block? Switch data might just be what you’re looking for. We exposed our endpoints, enabling you to:
  • Look up native numbering routing data.
  • Look up localities and rate centers that match a string.
  • Look up rate centers by city, state or zip code.
  • Look up prefixes and carrier names.

IP Authentication

Just like our new LRN data requests, IP authentication or an API Token is required for Switch Data. Log in to Mission Control and click on TELCO DATA:
  • Click on the +Add Data Profile button.
  • Select the appropriate Connection.
  • Select IP Address or API Token under Authentication Method.
  • Choose Mechanism Type—HTTP, ENUM, SIP or XML.
  • Choose Data Type—CNAM, LRN or Switch.
  • Add appropriate tag.
Note that the availability of a mechanism type is dependent on the data type that you use.
We hope you find these new features useful! Feel free to explore more in our Developer Center.
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