Why SMS Is an Essential Channel for Customer Engagement and Support

Why SMS Is an Essential Channel for Customer Engagement and Support

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SMS use has exploded, now reaching up to 7.5 billion devices across the globe. That gives texting a higher reach than email and social networks combined. And it’s easy to see why SMS is such a popular communications channel — it’s fast and convenient, yet it still feels personal.
The open rate for text messages is also an impressive 98%, and 90% are read within three minutes of being received. The immediacy of SMS is what makes it such a great tool for providing excellent customer support.
Let’s take a minute to compare SMS with email:
Global ReachOpen RateResponse RateAvg. Response Time
SMS7.5 billion98%45%90 sec
Email3 billion20%6%1.5 hrs

Business Advantages

In addition to its appeal as an effective communication method, texting also has many other practical advantages for businesses:
  • It’s cost-effective with even more price advantages as you scale.
  • It’s flexible and in real time. You’ll get results fast and be able to optimize activity based on your results.
  • It’s relatively easy to integrate into your existing applications using an SMS API.
If you haven’t yet considered SMS as a customer engagement and support tool, now’s the time to start.
Learn more about Telnyx Programmable Messaging with our SMS API. Or check out our Messaging 101 for Business Infographic for additional insights.
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