Wireless Feature Release: Data Limits and API
Feature Release - 10.15.2019

Wireless Feature Release: Data Limits and API

Feature Release Data Limits
We’re proud to announce the first iteration of Telnyx Wireless, now available via our Mission Control Portal and API. The Telnyx SIM card enables you to use data globally utilizing hundreds of our roaming partners.

Telnyx Wireless SIM Cards

Haven’t ordered a SIM card yet? Make sure you get one to test for free here.
With your registered SIM, you can choose a variety of feature options within the portal to ensure that you’re taking advantage of Telnyx Wireless:
  • Create SIM Groups to group SIM cards together. Attach a data plan to a specific group for a data pool used by all SIM cards within the group.
  • Enable Data Limits and set an upper limit for the amount of data that a SIM Card can use. With this, users can limit the number of overages that they can expect.
  • Use the Telnyx API to control your devices programmatically. Using the Telnyx API, users can register, activate/deactivate, and monitor SIM cards on a per device basis.
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