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Xpedeus Cuts Voice Costs, Enables Quality VoIP and Cloud Services

See how managed service provider Xpedeus leveraged Telnyx’s purpose-built IP network and Mission Control Portal to enable VoIP and Cloud Services.

Tarek Wiley
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An industry leader in providing communications as a service in Florida, Xpedeus is dedicated to empowering customers to stop worrying about their communications technology and instead focus on growing their businesses.

Founded: 2001 | Headquarters: Brandon, FL

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The Xpedeus Integrated Cloud Exchange was created as an enterprise-grade voice solution, providing a unique remedy to business phone system problems through Florida-based hosted voice services. With Telnyx, Xpedeus can leverage the power of a purpose-built IP network and Mission Control Portal for their VoIP and cloud services.

Xpedeus knows uptime matters. A lot.

To provide exceptional VoIP and cloud communication services to their customers, Xpedeus demands 99.999% uptime from their carriers — the perfect combination of network diversity, redundancy and resiliency to ensure that mission-critical communications are delivered every time.
If issues were to arise, Xpedeus needed a provider that could quickly assist in identifying and troubleshooting them with complete transparency and support from a unified team of experts.
“Honesty, accessibility, uptime and ensuring customer satisfaction are the keys to our business, and that’s what we get with Telnyx," said David Littrell, Xpedeus vice president. "Once we saw what Telnyx can do, we switched from our previous carrier with no hesitations. It was the smoothest transition — the move was completely uneventful.”

Streamlined number porting experience with Telnyx and Xpedeus

Having an aggregator as their previous provider, Xpedeus struggled with a lack of accessibility and transparency.
“We needed control when porting numbers for our very large clients, but we were always at the mercy of the aggregators,” said Littrell. “Telnyx removes the aggregators and gives us absolute end-to-end control over number porting.”
Xpedeus streamlined their porting with Telnyx FastPort®, which automates Customer Service Record (CSR) validation to eliminate mismatched data. Telnyx identifies errors in advance, eliminating detrimental customer impacts and ensuring fast, seamless porting.
Because of FastPort️, the Xpedeus team can now schedule ports on demand and track their progress, minimizing customer disruption and reducing cutover time by 50% to 70%.

Reduced costs by 25% with Telnyx

Pricing was a fundamental factor when evaluating providers. Xpedeus was tired of paying aggregators for services that a direct carrier could be doing for them.
Telnyx cuts out the aggregators to avoid markups, passing on the savings to customers. By working with a true carrier, Xpedeus now pays less for inbound and outbound calls and gets free number porting, resulting in a 25% overall cost reduction.

Self-service access with Mission Control

Unbeatable reliability, accessibility and control — and a transparent pricing model — are just a few reasons Expedeus switched to Telnyx. The Telnyx Mission Control Portal enables the organization to easily manage clients, taking full advantage of an ever-growing feature set.
“Telnyx clearly has the expertise and genuineness to help elevate our best-in-class VoIP and cloud services,” said Littrell. “Their 24x7 support is just the icing on the cake.”

The Results

Reduced CostsImproved UptimeReduced Porting Cutover Time
25%99.999%50% to 70%

Telnyx Products: Elastic SIP Trunking, FastPort®, Global Numbers

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