The Communications API

A range of programmable cloud communication APIs to revolutionize the way we communicate in an app-centric world.

Automated and Programmatic

Kick manual processes and drop proprietary systems. Telnyx provides the foundation for a seamless, reliable communications experience for any internet-connected application.

Fully Functional

The Telnyx API supports the full functionality of our platform: numbers, voice, messaging and the advanced configuration options that next-generation applications require.

Tried and True

We know the Telnyx API is robust and resilient because it underpins the entirety of our Mission Control self-service portal. Build with the best when you choose Telnyx.

Build Faster. Build Better.

Programmatic Numbers, Voice, Text and More

Utilize our RESTful communications API to build reliable applications with global reach. We built our API as a foundation for next-generation applications like VoIP products, universal communications, call tracking, speech analysis and call fraud detection.

That means we can provide the features and flexibility to unique businesses that usually have to settle for telecom companies' uncompromising service or for the low quality of calls executed over the public internet.

Instead, we built a robust, highly configurable platform that's underpinned by the reliability of our global, private IP network.

It is almost like these guys don't sleep. You always get a response from someone either by chat, email, or phone. It's fantastic.

Joel B.
President, National Auto Data


Here are just some of the workflows you can execute with the Telnyx API:

  • Instantly find, buy and manage numbers
  • Initiate an automated number porting request
  • Deploy SIP trunks and manage connections
  • Configure advanced settings like SIP headers or ISUP messages
  • Send and receive text messages
  • Access caller ID, LRN, and Switch data
  • Run usage and budget reports
// Create a connection for the LA Office
// Anchor at San Jose PoP, use SRTP and enable ISUP headers

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "x-api-token: API_TOKEN" \
  --header "x-api-user: API_USER" \
  --data '{
      "connection_name": "LA Office",
      "active": true,
      "dnis_number_format": 0,
      "anchorsite_override": "San Jose, CA",
      "encrypted_media": "SRTP",
      "default_routing_method": "round-robin",
      "isup_headers_enabled": true
    }' \

Communications API Features

Number Search

Embed number search into your app and gain access to over 20,000 North American rate centers and 60 countries.

Messaging & SMS

Reliable SMS API that easily embeds in your apps—high in deliverability, low in latency.


Activate and toggle connections in a breeze—easy SIP trunking whether you have one or 1000 connections.


Check number portability, submit port requests or check pending requests.


Pull intuitive and transparent reporting in real time to make sound business decisions.

Caller ID

The CNAM registry is one API call away and easily integrated into soft phones or applications.


Obtain various types of LRN (local routing number) information with ease.

Switch Data

Access routing and switch information associated with the native numbering block.

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