Use Cases

Call Tracking and Marketing Attribution

You know voice experiences are the most important touch points for customers. With Telnyx, they’re the last thing you have to worry about.

Unmatched Performance

Build on the most reliable network in the industry. Our international points-of-presence pull call media off the public internet to keep calls private, secure, quick and clear.

Feature-Rich Ecosystem

Telnyx was built for applications like call tracking and includes features that traditional carriers will never provide, like embeddable number search, instant provisioning and real-time reporting.

Faster Development

Our fully-featured API includes intelligent number search, outbound calling and programmable SMS. Developers can go zero to global communications with interactive documentation and 24/7 support.

They Call, You Track, We Deliver

Built for Call Tracking

At Telnyx, our bespoke infrastructure was designed to support global communications in next-generation applications. We started with a private network spanning the globe and a state-of-the-art telephony engine, then we opened up our platform with a developer-tested API and a self-service configuration portal. Now we spend our days building new features, improving services and reducing costs for innovative service providers like you.

Global Numbers

Find numbers in over 20,000 North American rate centers and gain access to international numbers from 60 different countries. Provision any available toll-free number, find a particular vanity number or search for large contiguous blocks.

Reporting for Right Now

Our customers asked for robust reporting features, and we delivered. Flexible usage and spend reporting can give you real-time insight and help you narrow in on sales opportunities or customer issues. Our multi-tenant architecture was built for user platforms like yours.

I prefer Telnyx over Twilio for selecting phone numbers as they have much more flexibility in search features. Bulk searches, premium numbers, etc.

David L.
CEO, IntraVista Marketing Services

The Telnyx API

Built for developers by developers, the Telnyx API provides the full functionality and configurability of the Telnyx suite, including number search, outbound and inbound voice and programmatic SMS with delivery receipts. We know it works, because we built our entire Mission Control portal on top of it.Check out our interactive documentation, and chat with one of our support engineers if you have any questions.
// Send an SMS

curl -X POST \
  --header "Content-Type: application/json" \
  --header "Accept: application/json" \
  --header "x-profile-secret: PROFILE_SECRET" \
  --data '{
    "from": "+13129457420",
    "to": "+13122708156",
    "body": "Hello from Telnyx!"
  }' \

Marketing Attribution and Call Tracking Features

Number Search

All your customers’ numbers needs met—directly embedded in your application.

Instant Provisioning

Search, purchase and provision numbers with a few clicks.

Identity Services

LRN, CNAM and Switch data for context when calls come in.

Programmable SMS

Notifications, reminders and authentication webhooks with free inbound rates.


Cloud platform that's self serve, giving you full control over your numbers.

Real-Time Reporting

Export real-time reporting and deliver usage insights to customers.

Global, Bespoke Network

Diversity, resiliency and redundancy spread across international PoPs.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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