Untether call media and deploy analytics in the cloud. Acquire and analyze call media, then report back to users in real time without on-premise installations or call degradation.

Simultaneous Delivery
Real-Time Media Feedback
Guaranteed Call Integrity

Telephony Analysis Available Immediately

Call Media Forking

Telnyx is a full-fledged carrier with a private, global network. Our geographically distributed points-of-presence pull the call off the public internet, while the state-of-the-art telephony engine forks and routes the call to multiple locations. You won’t find a carrier that offers more granular control.

The Path to SaaS

The best part is that there’s no risk to call quality. The secondary recipient never occupies the call flow, which means no degradation or dropped calls. So, premium call quality and fast transfer speeds are preserved while analysis systems operate with the flexibility and ease of a cloud deployment.

Cloud Conversations

Deliver conversation insights while everyone’s still talking.
Speech Analysis

Users enjoy the highest quality VoIP calls while their speech analytics software simultaneously digs into a pristine voice stream.

Call Center Improvement

Call monitoring and sales coaching software are effective ways to improve the performance of call center personnel.

Fraud Detection

Telnyx makes call fraud protections effective, by gathering data to deliver a verdict on a call in seconds.

Build on the Best

Telnyx is built from the ground up for native, global communications over IP, and media forking on our private network is the world's first solution to the problem of cloud call analysis. Partner with us for tomorrow's communication challenges.

Nothing has been short of exemplary customer service to date.

Todd R.
Telecommunications Engineer Principle, Directdialtone

Real-Time Communications Analysis Features

Call Recording

Save conversations for review. Telnyx call recording cloud storage is easily accessible via API.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

Global Reach

Our network will span 13 international points-of-presence at major internet hubs by the end of 2018.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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