Voice App Internationalization

Expand your voice service to new markets by choosing a universal communications provider with truly global reach.

Stay Internet-Centric

Online companies can’t make legacy telecom fit their internet applications without sacrificing agility. Instead of a bolt-on solution, Telnyx is built from the ground up for high-fidelity internet communications.

Reliability and Security

A best-effort network like the internet can cause latency issues or expose you to security risks. Telnyx is built on private infrastructure with Tier-1 interop for the best in-call quality.

Avoid Regulatory Overhead

In order to provide fully-featured voice service, partner with a provider like Telnyx that pursues international carrier licensing and navigates the unique regulatory environment of each country.

Point-and-Click Global Expansion

Software-Driven Communications

Your agile and ambitious application business needs a communication service designed with you in mind. Telnyx is a born-digital voice and messaging platform:
  • API-first microservices architecture
  • Intelligent, internet-centric telephony engine
  • Software-defined networking
  • End-to-end encryption and automated fraud protection

Global Coverage + Local Presence

International carriers often can’t provide local dialtone features like local termination, caller ID name or emergency services. In addition to our global network and international numbering in 60+ countries, Telnyx is a licensed local carrier in the US, Canada, Mexico and 5000 European cities. Telnyx pursues dial tone feature parity in all international markets.

Partner and Piggyback

You don’t need to build your own global infrastructure to serve a global client base. You provide the innovative application, Telnyx provides the plug-and-play platform:
  • International infrastructure and numbering
  • Intelligent routing with Tier-1 quality
  • White-glove service and 24/7 engineering support
  • Technical expertise in internet communications, messaging, networking and wireless.

Internationalization Features

Number Search

Search, purchase and provision local and international phone numbers all in our API.


Do the work once, and serve all your customers from a single instance.

A La Carte Pricing

Next-generation solutions at wholesale rates without getting locked into a contract.

High-Performing Network

Our network continuously pings PoP and connections to find the path of least latency.

Virtual Cross Connects

Direct, private connectivity from your cloud to our communications environment.

Media Forking

Access a duplicate audio stream for transcription, translation or more.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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