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TADHack Global 2021

25 - 26 Sep 2021 Global Remote

Congratulations to the winners and thank you to the hundreds of developers who participated, building programmable communications across the globe.
TADHack Global 2021

Congratulations to Similarly Geeky, winner of the Telnyx & joint $4000 prize

Check out the amazing hacks created by Lily Madar and Steven Goodwin. They submitted three projects — all using APIs from Telnyx and — and won for the best use of both companies' technologies

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Congratulations to RescueR, winner of the $2,500 Telnyx Verify prize

Ebtesam Al Haque, Doug Moore, Amy Sliwinski, Muntaser Syed, Vincent Tang,
Davindra Tulsi, and Chris Woodle won for the best use of the Telnyx Verify API

Check out RescueR, an autonomous rescue bot with sonar mapping and
telecommunications technology to quicken response time of trapped victims.

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Using Voice APIs to understand participant sentiment

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