Air Freight Done Right.

Choose the right partner with the most optimal route for your air freight cargo across international skies.
Air Freight Done Right.
  • Work With Experts

    Providing you with best-in-class customer service, so you never have to worry about what’s happening with your shipment, wherever it may be.
  • Transparent Transport

    Full visibility on your cargo from pickup to dropoff anywhere around the world. If your shipment matters to you then it matters to us.
  • Handled With Care

    Providing global support from our team of air freight experts, you can count on Telnyx Logistics to handle your cargo with the utmost care.

We’ve earned our Wings.

Telnyx Logistics trained professionals offer the knowledge and support on TSA requirements, closing your supply chain loops. We evaluate our customers needs from the beginning to provide you with the best solutions for your logistic services needs.

Speed to Market

Working with Telnyx Logistics means working with experts who know our way around compliance. Optimized processes on our end mean faster cargo transfer, reducing bottlenecks in your supply chain.

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