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Both Telnyx and Twilio offer voice APIs to enable business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?
Telnyx is a licensed carrier in Australia with a point of presence in Sydney, allowing fine-grained control over routing and low latency.
Non Carrier
Twilio relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen for call routing and core communications functionality.
Voice Pricing
Affordable Voice
Telnyx voice starts at A$0.018 / min for outbound and A$0.008 / min for inbound calls in Australia.
Expensive Voice
Twilio voice starts at approx. A$0.03 / min for outbound and A$0.0086 / min for inbound calls in Australia, converting as 1 USD = 1.44 AUD.
SMS Pricing
Lowest Price SMS
There’s no charge to receive an SMS, and sending SMS from an alphanumeric sender ID starts from $0.0204 (60% cheaper than Twilio).
Costly to Send & Receive SMS
Twilio charges $0.0055 to send and $0.0075 to receive SMS, which can limit your ability to scale.
Direct Number Inventory
As a licensed carrier in Australia, Telnyx has direct access to a deep inventory of local and toll-free numbers.
Indirect Number Inventory
Twilio relies on middlemen to supply numbers, resulting in higher markups and less flexibility.
Number Porting
Faster, Automated Porting
Telnyx FastPort streamlines porting processes with real-time data validation and complete transparency via our portal.
Standard Porting Process
Twilio advises four weeks to port a number, and customers wishing to port numbers in Australia need to email support just to get the process started.
24/7 Phone & Email Support Included At No Extra Cost
Every Telnyx customer gets support around the clock from our team of expert in-house engineers, including engineers based in Australia.
Email Only Support During Business Hours or Paid Support
Twilio puts their support behind a paywall - $1,500 per month is the minimum spend required to get 24/7 phone and email support.

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