Compare Telnyx vs. Voxbone

Both Telnyx and Voxbone offer APIs and UIs to power business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?

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Compare Telnyx
Private Network

Telnyx manages a private network environment with complete control over call routing for faster troubleshooting and resolutions.

Public Network

Voxbone relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen for call routing and core communications functionality.

Complete CPaaS Product Suite

Telnyx offers a full suite of connectivity products and currently has the highest customer satisfaction on G2Crowd when it comes to CPaaS Product Direction.

Limited Product Suite

Voxbone is primarily a communications wholesaler. They do not offer CPaaS products like WebRTC, Networking, or SIM cards.

No Monthly Minimum Spends

Telnyx offers pay as you go pricing without commitments. Attractive volume discounts are available with committed spends.

Monthly Minimums for All Accounts

Voxbone has minimum monthly commits you must meet and still charges significantly more than Telnyx, which can limit your ability to scale.

Self-Service Onboarding with Instant Support

Sign up and go instantly with step-by-step guidance in the portal and access to on-demand support from engineers who built the API, via our educated developer Slack channel.

Gated Developer Experience

Voxbone forces you to interact with their chat bot, or submit a ticket to the end of their support queue, for simple questions.


Telnyx Rated Higher Than Voxbone In Every Category

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Telnyx puts the power in your hands — achieve unparallelled control over your communications through our APIs and Mission Control Portal. Start building your future with a partner dedicated to innovation.