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Both Telnyx and Twilio offer voice and texting APIs to enable business communications. So what’s the real difference between the two?
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With better quality and more savings, it’s easy to see why Telnyx voice and messaging APIs have been named the best alternative to Twilio.

Learn What Makes Telnyx the Best Twilio Alternative


Telnyx manages a private network environment with complete control over call routing for faster troubleshooting and resolutions.

Non Carrier

Twilio relies on the public internet for connectivity and middlemen for call routing and core communications functionality.

Voice Pricing
Affordable Voice

Telnyx voice starts $0.005 / min to make outbound calls.

Expensive Voice

Twilio voice starts at $0.0053 / min to make outbound calls.

SMS Pricing
Lowest Price SMS

It's just $0.004 to send and receive SMS (50% less than Twilio).

Costly to Send & Receive SMS

Twilio charges $0.0079 to send and receive SMS, which can limit your ability to scale.

Direct Number Inventory

As an interconnected VoIP carrier, Telnyx has direct access to a large database of phone numbers.

Indirect Number Inventory

Twilio relies on middlemen to supply numbers, resulting in higher markups and less flexibility.

Number Porting
Faster, Automated Porting

Telnyx FastPort streamlines porting processes with real-time CSR validation and complete transparency via our portal.

Standard Porting Process

Twilio advises four weeks to port a number, and customers are unable to port internationally via their customer portal.

24/7 Support As Standard

Every Telnyx customer gets support around the clock from our team of expert in-house engineers.

Phone Support Behind a Paywall

$1,500 per month is the minimum cost to get 24/7 phone and email support.


Telnyx Rated Higher Than Twilio In Every Category

Frequently Asked Twilio Alternative Questions

Customers who switch from Twilio to Telnyx typically save between 25% and 85% on their communication services, making Telnyx a far cheaper Twilio alternative.

Twilio relies on the public internet and a vast roster of aggregators and intermediaries for their core communications functionality. In contrast, Telnyx operates its own purpose-built global IP network, developed from the ground up for real-time communications. Our full ownership of our network means we don’t pay go-betweens or aggregators for core communications services, and we can pass those savings directly on to our customers. What’s more - our multi-cloud points of presence are interconnected by a private fiber backbone, giving you the ultimate in communications quality and reliability.

At Telnyx, we’re serious about providing every customer with the tools to build revolutionary cloud communications. That’s why our best-in-class support team is available 24/7 by phone, email, or chat to all of our customers. Other providers place their premium support behind a paywall - for instance, Twilio charges a minimum of $1,500 per month (or a surcharge of 6% of your monthly bill - whichever is more expensive) for 24/7 email and phone support.

Our support team is fully available to all of our customers, all of the time, with no minimum-spend requirements or sneaky premium support plans, so your questions never have to wait until Monday.

Our in-house engineers are also far better equipped to answer your communications questions than other providers’ support teams. Because we manage our own purpose-built communications network, our team has direct control over your communications routing and other core functionalities. In contrast, other resellers like Twilio will often have to lodge tickets with their communications middlemen, and wait for these intermediaries to fix trivial communications issues.

Absolutely. You can port numbers quickly and easily to the better Twilio alternative via our Mission Control portal. Our team of experts is ready to help no matter what your requirements are, you can get in touch with them here.

Telnyx is the better Twilio SMS alternative for a number of reasons. First, our list SMS pricing saves customers 70%, with even deeper discounts for committed monthly usage. This is because Telnyx maintains complete control over our network and phone numbers. Apart from market-leading pricing, Telnyx offers global coverage, top-notch 24/7 support as standard, and is a licensed carrier in 25+ countries -- for secure, compliant global services.

We’ve built a whole suite of tools to make moving from Twilio to Telnyx -- the better Twilio alternative a simple and painless process. Read our ultimate migration guide to find out how you can use your existing TwiML code with Telnyx, how to use your existing Twilio messaging code to send cheaper messages on Telnyx, and how to plug your Twilio elastic SIP trunking application into the superior Telnyx network.

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