Register for 10DLC via Mission Control Portal

10, Mar 2021

We’re excited to announce that our portal functionality is ready for registering 10DLC brands and campaigns. 10-digit long code, or 10DLC, is a carrier led initiative aimed to increase transparency in the messaging ecosystem and allow businesses to send high throughput A2P messages at low costs. 10DLC only applies to message traffic terminating within the US, and does not affect senders currently using toll free numbers. Here is an overview of what customers will be able to do with this new feature:

  • Create a brand
  • Create a campaign to attach to a brand
  • Assign numbers to your 10DLC campaign

Who needs to register for 10DLC

If your business falls into either of the categories below, we highly recommend that you register your A2P traffic for 10DLC to avoid message filtering and throughput limitations. While there are currently no consequences for non-registered traffic, AT&T has announced that they will be charging higher message rates starting May 1, and other carriers are likely to follow.

Sending A2P + P2P on local long codes - You should register your A2P traffic with 10DLC, but your P2P traffic can remain as is. Sending purely A2P traffic on local long codes - All of your traffic should be registered with 10DLC.

Registering a 10DLC Brand and Campaign

Telnyx customers will be able to see an option called “Campaigns” in the Messaging section of the Mission Control Portal. 10DLC Registration via Mission Control Portal

Here, you can enter information to register their brand (business), and create a campaign (use case) to attach to your brand, to start sending their A2P messages via 10DLC.

Assigning Numbers to Your 10DLC Campaign

Any specific phone number can only be assigned to one campaign. Campaigns can have many assigned phone numbers. For example, if there are two campaigns: one for appointment reminders and another for marketing, the same phone number cannot be used in both campaigns. In order to use the same phone number, a "Mixed" campaign is recommended which allows for up to 5 sub use cases. AT&T message fees may be higher for mixed campaigns.

If you have already purchased numbers with Telnyx, you can assign those to your 10DLC campaigns individually or by selecting a messaging profile. If you don’t currently have any numbers with Telnyx, you can buy them directly from our portal in the “Numbers” section. Once you submit your brand and campaign for registration, there may be a delay before your messages are routed with 10DLC.

10DLC for ISVs and Resellers

We will be adding additional documentation for best practices when creating brands & campaigns. Our initial release for our 10DLC feature does not yet support higher throughput, (~200,000 messages per brand per day across all campaigns) and we are recommending that ISVs and resellers hold off on submitting their campaigns until further notice. We are still working with vendors/carriers before recommending specific brand & campaign set up for this type of use case.

Furthermore, increased throughput for 10DLC (beyond what local long code currently offers) will not be immediately available. We will announce when higher throughputs (up to 30MPS) are available with 10DLC. The API functionality for brand and campaign registration will be available soon.