The Better Twilio Alternative

Thousands choose Telnyx over Twilio—why? Because under our voice and SMS API technology is a purpose-built global IP network.

Tier 1 Global NetworkWe're our own carrier unlike Twilio. The Telnyx IP network links global points of presence with a private MPLS fiber backbone, which means a more direct route for your packets. Less hops, better quality.
Technology Stack ParityThe Telnyx Mission Control cloud communications platform offers a feature set at full feature parity, all exposed via RESTful API. This means anything they can do, we can do—better.
Unmatched SupportTelnyx prides itself as an engineering organization ready to provide our customers with bespoke solutions suited to solve their needs. And, with world-class customer support, we’ll be here for you whenever, wherever.

Carrier-Grade Voice API

Telnyx is a born-digital telco, while Twilio is just an API provider that relies on the public internet. Telnyx is a full-fledged carrier that controls the entire telephony stack, down to the bespoke, private IP network we built our service on. Instead of relying on telecom aggregators and resellers, our APIs directly control our own infrastructure, providing a higher quality experience at lower cost.

Global Phone Numbers

Telnyx is a licensed carrier with our own database of global phone numbers. We operate on the same footing as large telecom companies in terms of routing control, configurability and the means to negotiate with local regulators on your behalf.

Everything Real-Time

Unlike TwiML that has you script out a caller experience at the beginning of the call, Telnyx Programmatic Call Control operates in true real-time. Instead of requiring all the intended commands at the start of the call, our call control API can receive commands throughout the call for a truly dynamic experience with total control.

Connect in Minutes

Self-Service CPaaS

A fully realized cloud platform for all of your communication needs.

API Documentation

Programmatic voice and messaging APIs from our developers to yours.

Global Reach

10 points of presence around the world and direct Tier 1 interconnects.

Instant Number Activation

Phone numbers available for purchase and instant provisioning.

A La Carte Pricing

Only pay for features that you want—no hidden fees, no contracts.

Private Network

Enhanced security with TLS and SRTP/ZRTP encryption and a 99.999% uptime, guaranteed.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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