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Distributed cloud storage, reimagined. Experience simple, low cost, AI-ready storage and save more for less. Start storing today with S3-compatible APIs.

Telnyx storage and API

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Starting at $0.006 per GiB per month. Calculate how much you can save on storage by switching to Telnyx.


Low cost, distributed cloud storage

In 2024, businesses face soaring volumes of data, enhanced data privacy concerns, and accessibility and scalability issues—all while juggling the rising cost of data management and maintaining operational efficiency.

Modern, distributed infrastructure powers Telnyx Cloud Storage, allowing your applications to retrieve objects with super low latency. Instant bucket summaries and fast embedding of stored files means your data is AI-ready and primed for insightful, contextualized inference.

At up to 60% less than competitors, Telnyx allows you to store more data for less, without compromising on quality. Your pathway to intelligent, cost-effective, and agile data management starts here.


Distributed storage made simple

Introducing a low-cost, low-latency cloud storage solution that's fully compatible with industry-standard APIs, built on a distributed network.

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    S3-compatible API

    Point your S3-native applications and services at Telnyx Storage for easy migration.

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    Distributed network

    Multiple datacenter locations ensure your data is duplicated and never subject to a single point of failure.

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    Scalable cloud storage

    Scale with confidence, with fast access to data.

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    File summaries

    Effortlessly generate summaries of your stored files to gain valuable insights, while saving time.

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    Embed for AI (beta)

    Quickly generate embeddings from stored data to use in Inference and model training.

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    Embedding storage

    Store your embeddings in AI-enabled buckets to use for model training and fine-tuning, and inference.


Pay less for cloud storage

Major cloud providers charge high egress fees that tax your growth. Our low-cost Cloud Storage solution enables you to save without compromising on functionality.


Per-GB cost savings vs. entry-level tier of S3 storage

Access your objects faster

Centralized storage from major cloud operators means your objects are farther from your end-users. Our distributed network makes low-latency object retrieval a reality.


Multi-zone regions across the US

Drive intelligent, efficient decisions

Use our summarization feature to instantly turn data into insights, powering smarter decisions that outpace the competition.


Increase in operational efficiency using AI-integrated storage solutions

Future-proof your data

Stay ahead of the curve with AI-ready data by performing embeddings on Telnyx Storage Buckets. Your vectorized data is ready for analysis by LLMs and other AI-models.


Amount AI is predicted to contribute to the global economy by 2030

Inference step 1 - Set up a portal account

Start building

Our code is your code.

PUT /mybucket/myobject HTTP/1.1
Host:  [region]
x-amz-storage-class: STANDARD
x-amz-acl: private
x-amz-meta-author: john
Content-Type: image/png
X-Amz-Date: 20230927T152352Z
Authorization: AWS4-HMAC-SHA256 Credential=YOUR_TELNYX_API_KEY/20230927/test/execute-api/aws4_request, SignedHeaders=content-length;content-type;host;x-amz-date, Signature=f1a15846adc6247727c0dcfbb738d8ee4463527023e7818bf128866944981dea
Content-Length: 22

"<file contents here>"
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    Build on an S3-compatible API

    We've built our API so you can point your S3-centric applications at Telnyx endpoints for easy migration and a faster way to realize your cost savings.

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    VIDEO: Getting Started with Telnyx Storage

    Follow a few simple steps in our five-minute video tutorial to start using Telnyx Storage.

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    Your new S3 alternative: meet Telnyx Storage

    We dive into some of S3's shortcomings in detail, and show businesses why they should consider switching to Telnyx Storage.

Switch from S3 and save money

Get 10GiB of storage, 1 million state-change operations and 10 million state-read operations per month. Free, forever, for every user.

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Per GiB, per month

Store more for less


Telnyx Storage is a distributed cloud storage service that runs on S3-compatible APIs, but at a lower cost, so you can plug and play your S3-native data analytics, backup and restore services and content delivery networks while saving costs.