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Doctor monitoring patients via IoT devices
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Artificial Intelligence (AI) and voice recognition technology being used to analyze, process and identify patterns in real-time communications to identify customer needs and detect customer sentiment and emotion.
Industry Mini Vignette - Retail and E-commerce

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    AI and Machine Learning

    See how AI and machine learning can enhance your projects. Explore Telnyx use cases today.

  • Appointment reminders

    Automate your appointment reminders with Telnyx and reduce no-shows. Learn more today.

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    Cloud storage backup

    Protect your critical data with our cloud storage backup. Find out how Telnyx can keep your information safe and accessible.

  • Bring Your Own Carrier (BYOC)

    Bring Your Own Carrier To Telnyx & save money while improving call quality, reporting, & scalability. Works with Twilio, Plivo, Vodia, Elastix, 3CX & More.

  • Call escalation

    Call centers and customer service centers rely on call escalation to improve service. Build custom escalation call flows on Telnyx.

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    Call tracking

    Boost your business intelligence with Telnyx call tracking. Access global voice and text data through powerful APIs.