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Learn what makes Telnyx the best Amazon S3 alternative

Telnyx and Amazon S3 are both top-performing cloud storage solutions aimed at storing and managing substantial volumes of unstructured data. They provide quick data retrieval, exceptional durability (with 11 nines), and uncomplicated pricing structures.

The main difference between the platforms is in pricing. Telnyx Storage does not charge egress fees, while Amazon S3 prices them at $0.09 per GB/month. Telnyx Storage is over 60% less expensive than Amazon S3, charging only $0.006 per GB/month, while Amazon S3 charges $0.023 per GB/month.

Pricing comparison

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Experience unbeatable savings. Here’s a side-by-side analysis of Telnyx and Amazon S3 costs.

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$0.023 per GB/month + egress fees

$0.023 per GB/month. $5 per 1 million Class A operations. $0.40 per 1 million Class B operations. $0.09 per GB/month egress. Multiple tiers available as well.

Telnyx logo$0.006 per GB/month + zero egress fees

$0.006 per GB/month. $0.50 per 1 million Class A Operations. $0.04 per 1 million Class B operations. No egress fees.


Compare our features against Amazon S3

Discover the Telnyx advantage: competitive pricing, unmatched support, and built on distributed Web3 technology.

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Highly scalable and fast

Highly scalable with fast data retrieval and transfer speeds

Telnyx logoHigh-speed, low-latency

High-speed, low-latency storage with multiple data center locations

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