Numbers pricing

Get flexible pricing for Local, National and Toll-free Numbers, with the option to pay as you go or volume-based pricing.

Volume-based pricing

Get set up on a contract, and receive discounted pricing the more you use.

Pay as you go

Pay per number per month. You're only charged for what you use—nothing more.

Number pricing
Local numbersFrom $1 per month*
Toll-free numbersFrom $1 per month*
Short code numbers$1,000 per month
Vanity short code numbers$2,000 per month
Using an existing number$0.1 per month
Volume discounted number pricing
Quantity per monthLocal numbersToll-free numbers
Next 200 numbersLocal numbers$0.79 per monthToll-free numbers$0.79 per month
Next 750 numbersLocal numbers$0.5 per monthToll-free numbers$0.5 per month
Next 4k numbersLocal numbers$0.39 per monthToll-free numbers$0.39 per month
5K+ numbersLocal numbers$0.25 per monthToll-free numbers$0.25 per month
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Volume-based pricing

Telnyx offers discounts in exchange for monthly commitments as you scale.

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    Get set up on a contract with predictable monthly payments.

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    Discounted rate

    Receive a discounted rate with the more you spend instead of our pay-as-you-go rates.

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    24/7 support

    Free 24/7 support as well as a customer success manager dedicated to helping you.

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