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240,000 minutes per month using 480 local numbers.
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110,000 minutes per month using 220 local numbers.
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Momentum leader and highest satisfaction in G2 grid

G2’s Cloud Communication Platform grid is based on over 1,000 verified real-life user reviews. Telnyx is proud to be named momentum leader in the category, as well as most implementable, best results and best usability. Most importantly, we received the highest user satisfaction score vs. providers like Twilio, Plivo and Bandwidth—with an average rating of 4.8/5.

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G2's Best Cloud Communication Platforms in 2020, showing a matrix where Telnyx is highest in terms of user satisfaction.
Powerful products.
Elastic SIP Trunking

Easily integrate voice capabilities into your own application, third-party applications or your existing VoIP infrastructure.

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Messaging API

Programmatically send and receive SMS and MMS via long code, shortcode, or toll-free to inform and engage customers.

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Voice API

Build sophisticated and responsive experiences into your applications with the most flexible and developer-friendly voice API.

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Lookup API

Get rich data on global phone numbers for instant lead context, better conversion rates and enhanced message deliverability.

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When Lightspeed switched to Telnyx from a stack of other outbound carriers, their reported call failures dropped by a whopping 99.9%

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Thousands of businesses have made the switch and experienced benefits.

We’re providing Talkdesk with coverage in 130+ countries

Crystal clear calling.

With Tier-1 interconnects at major global internet hubs, your calls get through the first time, every time. High-speed connections mean calls avoid the public internet—for reduced latency and jitter.

“We saw a huge speed and cost improvement over other providers. I definitely recommend Telnyx, especially if you’re looking for low latency, high uptime service.”

Benjamin Gleitzman, CTO and co-founder

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A person with a cellphone calling another one using a headset and in the middle voice waves symbolizing the sound and a toggleable button to Record current call

Global scalability.

The Telnyx network combines global points of presence and deep interconnects with local carriers for worry-free, compliant global communications.

“With Telnyx, we’re able to get coverage all over the world through one API. Understanding the care that went into prioritizing network architecture made us confident we were making the right decision.”

Dayton Turner, VP of Enterprise Product

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Worry-free, compliant global communications

Service you can rely on.

Our cloud-agnostic approach means we never rely too heavily on any one cloud provider. So customers rest easy knowing they’re protected in case of a network failure.

"Since switching to Telnyx from our last outbound carrier, Lightspeed has seen call failures pretty much disappear."

Anthony Totarella, Systems Administrator

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Telnyx is cloud-agnostic, so we never rely too heavily on any one provider.

The API that gives developers real control.

Telnyx RESTful APIs are designed for fast, easy integration. Build voice, video, wireless or messaging capabilities with more control than any alternative. SDKs and code samples in popular programming languages help you launch what you need, faster.

Build exactly what you need.

Contact Center

Easily integrate compliant voice and SMS that scale elastically into your contact center. Streamline conversations and engage with customers their way for a better customer experience (CX).

Our customers

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