Be Your Own Carrier®

Bringing businesses the next evolution of real-time communications.

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Your Next Generation Platform


Communications today needs to be flexible, cost-efficient and above all else, reliable. Telnyx is a SIP trunk provider with an innovative Mission Control Portal, giving you the products and APIs to Be Your Own Carrier®.

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In the past, you had to rely on expensive carriers for VoIP services or face dealing with unreliable SIP trunk providers.


Telnyx is here to change that. We give you the products and APIs to Be Your Own Carrier® with a large roadmap of features, on-boarding tools and 24×7 live customer support.



We offer competitive pricing that doesn’t sacrifice quality of your Enterprise-Grade SIP Trunking for cost.

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Mission Control is your portal to elastic communications control

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We’ve engineered a revolutionary portal to simplify all your communications.

Instantly set up billing, buy 10-digit & toll-free numbers, create SIP trunks and manage services virtually.

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Simplify Billing

Pay for what you use and cut out the unnecessary fluff. We make it easy to keep track of everything, manage your sub-accounts and process real-time billing.

A smarter API

Choose from modern developer toolkits to seamlessly integrate with your applications. You can even integrate with the global public switch telephone network to make and receive calls in your application.