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Our approach

Making your connections possible

From omnichannel communications to real-time analytics to high-speed content delivery, businesses depend on localized internet, telecommunications, and data infrastructure to build the products and services today’s customers expect. Yet, this critical infrastructure remains largely inaccessible—it’s centralized, expensive and slow.

At Telnyx, we’re architecting and amplifying access to global connectivity. We power communications, wireless, networking and storage from our private, global, multi-cloud IP network all the way out to the hyperlocal edge. And we make this edge infrastructure easily available through intuitive APIs housed in one space.

By making our expertise available to you

Our expertise has allowed us to develop a deep understanding of the needs and challenges businesses face concerning communication and connectivity.

  • Long-running experience

    We can trace Telnyx’s history in the telecommunications industry back to our founding team, which includes individuals with decades of experience in the field.

  • Global reach

    Since 2012, we’ve looked for ways to distribute our knowledge and expertise on an international scale. With Telnyx, businesses can connect to customers around the world thanks to a global network spanning over 190 countries.

  • Problem-solving mindset

    We support and partner with businesses to fulfill critical connectivity and communications needs. By solving the difficult problems of infrastructure and APIs, we empower you to create the connectivity solution that works for your business.

Our multI-cloud IP network

From our secure network

We power communication, wireless, networking and storage from our private, global, multi-cloud IP network.

Built with 17 multi-cloud points of presence (PoPs) in metro areas across the globe, we offer reliability and resiliency against latency, downtime and packet-loss. We own private fiber interconnects between our PoPs to provide a private highway for your data traffic, ensuring security.

To the hyperlocal edge

From autonomous vehicles to in-hospital patient monitoring to content delivery to smart home devices, the amount of data being generated at “the edge” is growing exponentially. However, the transmission of data is expensive.

By providing access to edge infrastructure via APIs, we equip developers with cost effective and low-latency solutions to network and communicate that data.

Learn more about this shift toward the hyperlocal edge.

Powering easy-to-use, 
customizable APIs

Speed up build times with our intuitive APIs, SDKs and detailed development documentation. If our out-of-the-box offering doesn’t suit your needs, adapt our APIs with ease. Peruse our Products Overview to learn more. Explore Dev Docs to review implementation guidance from our engineering experts.

Housed in a single platform

Historically, companies require multiple vendors to provide every type of infrastructure necessary to implement connectivity for their business. They manage an onerous number of aggregators and direct relationships, juggle multiple connectivity partners, or build and maintain their own bespoke infrastructure. Our holistic approach simplifies the complexity. We empower businesses of all sizes with a one-stop shop for infrastructure via our Mission Control Portal.

24/7 customer support

With world-class support at the ready

Build with confidence knowing our support team is available 24/7 to assist you. Not sure what the right solution is for your business? Talk to an expert to design a solution that works best for you.