Extend the dependability of our global VoIP network to your users’ browsers with embeddable webRTC functionality.

Embeddable RTCModern users want to communicate where it makes sense—enhance their experience and overall satisfaction with in-app conversation.
Independent TechBuild crowd-pleasing features that last. WebRTC is platform-, device-, and browser-agnostic, so it’s applicable across your user base.
End-to-End SecurityWebRTC delivered over the public internet is left exposed to malicious actors, a non-issue on Telnyx’s private global backbone.
const device = new TelnyxDevice(config)

const activeCall = device.initiateCall('1235556789')

activeCall.on('connecting', () => {
  console.log('It’s connecting!')

activeCall.on('accepted', () => {
  console.log('We’re on a phone call!')

WebRTC + The Telnyx Network

The Telnyx WebRTC bridges the convenience of in-browser communications and our private SIP trunking infrastructure. Other webRTC products rely on best-effort connectivity over the public internet, which means unreliable connectivity and poor call quality. We identified the rift between user expectations and real-time IP performance, developing a solution that combines our resilient infrastructure with a drop-in API. Our global, purpose-built communications network ensures dependable media streaming, while our intelligent architecture minimizes jitter, latency and packet loss. Our proven reliability and innovation are why mission-critical and enterprise services rely on Telnyx as a communications partner.

The Next Generation of Communications

We created a plug-and-play webRTC solution built on top of SIP.js and designed for interoperability and flexible development. The Telnyx webRTC library is compatible with any standard webRTC client, and our pre-configured development kits and UI pieces can spin up a softphone quickly.Take webRTC further with Telnyx by leveraging our existing interoperability with the Public Switch Telephone Network and other tandem communications systems. That means you can build browser solutions that can call phone numbers and interact with other traditional telecommunications infrastructure that other webRTC products aren’t built to connect to.

Next-Gen Connectivity

A bridge between your application and our global infrastructure.
Browser Communications

Any up-to-date application based in browsers like Chrome, Firefox or Safari can leverage webRTC-based communications.


Unlimited IoT capabilities with the Telnyx infrastructure, from in-home devices to retail, manufacturing and construction solutions.


Use the technology to combine real-time communications with games, media and collaborative entertainment.

WebRTC Features


Untether users from their devices and give them true in-app calling.

Embeddable Soft Phone

Plug our embeddable calling application directly into an existing system.

24/7 Service

Our support engineers are available around the clock for troubleshooting and support.

Ready to get started? Our engineers are standing by 24/7

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