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Utilize custom data in proprietary and open-source models, or build your own on dedicated GPU infrastructure for fast inference, at low costs.

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Dedicated GPU infrastructure for fast inference

Many factors can influence how well AI models perform, including the hardware they run on. Top-tier model performance demands substantial computational resources, creating a balancing act between cost-efficiency and speed.

Our powerful network of owned-GPUs delivers rapid inference for high performance without excessive costs or extended timelines. Combined with Telnyx Storage, easily upload your data into buckets for instant summarization and automatic embedding. Use data across proprietary and open-source models for the perfect balance of control, cost-efficiency, and speed that businesses need to stay ahead.

With Telnyx Inference, you can seamlessly integrate AI into your applications and internal tools for an enhanced customer experience and increased operational efficiency.


Confidently implement AI into your applications with dedicated infrastructure and distributed storage.

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    Instant embeddings

    Data in AI-enbaled buckets can be vectorized in seconds to feed LLMs for fast, contextualized inference.

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    Intuitive APIs

    Add AI to your existing applications and workstreams with easy to use APIs, tutorials and demos.

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    Count on our dedicated GPUs to handle a high-volume of requests concurrently and scale automatically based on your workload to ensure optimal performance at all times.

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    One platform

    Consolidate your AI workflows in one place. Store, summarize, embed and utilize your data in a range of models from a single user-friendly interface.

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    Model flexibility

    Choose the best model to fit your use case. we currently support models from OpenAI, Meta and MosaicML—with more on the way.

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    Low latency

    Go from data to inference in near-real time with co-location of Telnyx GPUs and Storage.


Scale confidently

Leverage our dedicated network of GPUs to scale your AI-powered services effortlessly.




Thanks to our dedicated infrastructure Telnyx users can save over 20% vs OpenAI and MosaicML on inference alone.


cheaper than competitors

Summarize effortlessly

Instantly summarize internal documents to extract the most important information or condense for sharing with stakeholders


pages summarized instantly

Always-on support

Telnyx support is available around the clock—for every customer—so you can build what you need, when you need it.


award-winning support

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    Get started with Inference

    Incorporate AI into your applications with ease via the portal or API.

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    Telnyx Inference now in open beta

    Manage your AI infrastructure, embeddings and inference on one platform.

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    Storage for AI

    Upload documents to Telnyx Storage and quickly vectorize your data for us in inference.

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We’re looking for companies that are building AI products and applications to test our new Sources and Inference products while they're in beta. If you're interested, get in touch!

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Inference in AI refers to the process by which a machine learning model applies its learned knowledge to make decisions or predictions based on new, unseen data. It's the phase where the trained model is utilized to interpret, understand, and derive conclusions from data inputs it wasn't exposed to during the training phase.