Release notes

  • 14, May 2024

    New Google push notification service support for Android

    We are excited to announce the launch of support for a new Google Push notification service.

  • 29, Apr 2024

    Noise Suppression is now available for SIP Trunking

    Building on our recent advancements in audio quality, we're excited to introduce Noise Suppression for SIP Trunking.

  • 14, Apr 2024

    Create publicly-accessible buckets in Telnyx Cloud Storage

    Users can now make Telnyx Storage buckets publicly accessible.

  • 20, Mar 2024

    2-Way SMS Numbers Added in Mexico and South Africa

    We’ve updated our SMS coverage to an additional 9 countries.

  • 18, Mar 2024

    Security Updates to Messaging API & Portal

    New or newly-edited Messaging Profiles now require whitelisted destination countries. In addition, a default named Alphanumeric Sender ID is now mandatory when sending to non-US destinations.

  • 14, Mar 2024

    New Features in Telnyx Cloud Storage: Bucket Usage API and Pre-signed Object URLs

    Telnyx adds Bucket Usage API and Pre-Signed object URLs to Cloud Storage offering.

  • 11, Mar 2024

    Telnyx adds PSTN Replacement in Hungary, expanding European PSTN services

  • 15, Feb 2024

    Telnyx launches wireless local breakout in Germany for higher quality IoT connectivity

    Telnyx now offers enhanced IoT connectivity in Europe with new local gateways in Germany, reducing latency by over 100ms.

  • 9, Feb 2024

    Introducing codec selection for Voice API and TeXML in the Mission Control Portal

    Telnyx users can now select from a list of codecs for their Voice API and TeXML applications directly in the portal.

  • 9, Feb 2024

    Telnyx adds PSTN Replacement in eight countries in Central and South America

    Telnyx now supports PSTN replacement in Argentina, Chile, Colombia, Costa Rica, the Dominican Republic, Panama, El Salvador, and Peru.

  • 11, Jan 2024

    Operator Connect now available in Puerto Rico, Chile, Argentina, and the US Virgin Islands

    Telnyx is excited to announce further Operator Connect availability in the Americas.

  • 22, Dec 2023

    Scheduled Payments Now Available